Will we use them?

Just booked our flights for June 21-30.
With 193 days to go I’m still wondering — will we use them this time?

Was able to book both legs 100% on points. Booked my whole family on my points for the flight down. For the flight back I booked 3 family members on DD’s points and myself on my own. I have made a calendar reminder for 6/29 to check in for the return flight with a special reminder to log into DD’s account to do so. I was worried about kids getting to sit with adults so I was happy she had enough points to book everyone but me; I can get early boarding as a SW cardholder, provided there are seats available, so if I get a crummy boarding group I’ll just do that.

Word on the street is that I will be able to get the vaccine in the next few weeks as a healthcare worker here in NH. DH might be able to get it it as he works “in healthcare” although he has been working from home since March. DS will not be able to get it, so it seems, as no pediatric vaccine has been developed yet. DD might be able to get it as one of the first ones (?Pfizer?) is approved for use ages 16+; I suppose it will depend if her pediatrician adopts it or not. The vaccine status will factor heavily, I assume, in whether or not my employer lifts any travel restrictions by then.

But for today I’m feeling a little bit hopeful that we will be Home again reasonably soon.


I think you will be able to go! Booking on points is so great. You can be way more flexible. And hopefully if they start adding flights back into the schedule as demand picks up you might be able to pick points back up.

Everything that I have read about the vaccine suggests that you should be able to walk into CVS off the street and get vaccinated in April so if you and DH are in healthcare you should have zero problem. I did also see today that studies are beginning for children under 12, so by June those will likely be completed.

So excited for you!! Where are you staying??

OKW 2BEdroom

Get your boss to write you a prescription for the sacred spaces, lol! Then you have to go, doctor’s orders!!!
(This is obviously a joke.)


Ahh… the dream!!

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Wait, is that a thing now? I must have missed that or it’s changed since I got my SW card.

What airport? I couldn’t book today, I am hopeful that I will get the vaccine by phase 2, but my sister will not be eligible until phase 3 so I have to wait to see if anyone is available to come with me.

It’s one of the perks with the card I have. I get 4 per year.


We fly at 7 on the only nonstop that morning heading down
And we fly back at like 3:20 I think DH much prefers nonstop (he isn’t a great flier) and we figure after 10 days we can sacrifice a few hours (the latest flight out is 6:10 and stops at BWI)

I saw them and it looks like they will be gone soon (I love MHT) but I just can’t right now, even with all my points.

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