Will WDW ever be the same again?

Been looking at the new rules and regulations at WDW and fill a lot of changes. I hope they are temporary. Will buffets be closed forever? Will Parkhopper be a thing of the past? How about Fasspass+? Oh I know the fireworks and character parades will be back sometime but what about the rest. I am a foodie and love to eat at buffets especially at Hoop De Do not to mention Germany, and Cape May’s Café. If they allow DDR’s only a few weeks in advance then we who do not live in Florida might as well kiss our chances of DDR’s goodbye. At this time with Florida being what it is with the high numbers of Covid 19 it will be a while anyway but I sure hope things will go back to what they were or to me and mine it just will not be worth the price.

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What is a DDR?

I think a lot is unknown. It never helps to worry about what you can’t control. May as well accept things as they are for now. there’s enough to keep us stressed without worrying about that stuff too.


I think they mean ADR, but as a parent to a 20 something, my mind went here:


haha me too


DDR Disney Dinning Reservation


OK ADR Advance Dinning Reservations. Been gone too long

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No worries… some of us remember calling them Priority Seatings, lol!


My understanding is that Disney wants to bring the park hoppers back and you can purchase them for 2021.

I don’t really care about the buffets. I prefer family style anyway. I’m not sure why you say out of state visitors wouldn’t be able to book ADRs though.

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Many people say the same including my wife but for me I like the ability to choose what I want from a selection and how much I want to eat. I am not a big eater but I love the selectability.


You can still have variety and choose how much you want to eat with family style. I don’t eat everything on the platter and only take what I want. But everyone has their own preferences.

That is why I didn’t think we were talking dining reservations. I don’t understand this either.


I guess not enough time to plan and secure dining reservations?

Maybe not. We started planning about mid September 2017 for Thanksgiving week 2017 and got everything we wanted. And drove 1200 miles one way to get to WDW.

But then we’re fairly laid back in the extras department.


ADRs can be booked 60 days in advance, so not sure how “time” enters into it.

I agree with you - I’ve had many a trip where I decided (or because of the nature of the trip) to wing it and have never had a problem getting dining reservations. Maybe I’m not picking the most popular places, but I’ve even gotten character meals, sometimes even day-of.

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My experience is you can book most places still fairly late, you just often cannot get the ideal time slots you really want. But if you’re flexible and willing to eat at odd times, it can work out great…

Will WDW ever be the same? NO

As with many governments throughout the world, Covid has given them the opportunity to do what ever they want, how ever they want. And what they want is anything that benefits them financially. So if what they did in the past makes them more money then they will bring it back, if not then bye bye forever.


“Never let a crisis go to waste”?
That’s possible.

I think it’s definitely possible the buffets may not return. They’re kind of iffy from a health standpoint at the best of times, IMHO. And when you look at the data, nationally we see a lot of illnesses dropping off with the new restrictions, aside from their intended purpose of controlling COVID. Have we been a little too lax all along and accepted there’s going to be X level of food poisoning, influenza and other microbial illnesses? That’s above my pay grade but I’m sure TPTB are wondering that right now.

But definitely Disney will have a chance to get rid of some things they’ve been wanting to all along- low-margin offerings. Food services in general fall into that category. It’s very hard to make money in the restaurant industry, I don’t see how Disney would be any different. I don’t know what other marginally-profitable endeavors they have, but usually there are some, and bad times are when those get cleared out, at Disney and every where else.

In recent years they’ve been aiming to capture nearly all the spending of well-heeled visitors to Orlando, and I think this will accelerate the process. If they use the epidemic to find a way to turn a profit with fewer people, they definitely will. The pandemic plays right in to that.

I don’t think it will be the same. It could very well be better- for those who can afford it.


I like a buffet every once in a while. For whatever reason it feels REALLY indulgent. But some of the meals that were buffets, as a parent of three little ones, were quite difficult. Chef Mickey’s is the one on my mind, in particular. My kids loved it of course. When I suggested that we trade it out for Topolino Terrace this next trip, they almost mutinied. And I think that it being a buffet is the reason they love it so much. HOWEVER, as a mom, I never get to sit down!!! I am juggling several plates, trying to help them get what they want, then suddenly Mickey’s at our table so I have to herd the cats back to the table to see Mickey. But they didn’t get all that they want, so back up to the food we go, very soon. Then they spill their juice, lick a Mickey waffle and tell me they are full :rofl::rofl::rofl: I saw a vlog this week, Prince Charming Dev, and he ate there as a family style meal recently. It seemed like a great experience! All of the same food was there, but the servers brought it out to you! That sounds like a dream to me.

BUT, I get what you are saying. Change is hard, and we don’t know what it is going to be like on the other side of this. That is very uncomfortable. :orange_heart:


I believe if you stay on property you could book ADR’s 6 month in advance. Now many say that they just show up and no problem if they do not have a reservation. Maybe at this time with so few people but as things get back to normal I would sure like to see them get a walk-up reservation at places like Ohana, Norway, Chief Mickey’s, and such. No way is this happening without a reservation and without booking well in advance with the full ten day option I wish you luck in getting one especially at Ohana.

All ADRs existing prior to the shut down were cancelled. You may now book ADRs beginning 60 days prior to your stay with the length up to 10 days if you’re on property. So everyone is starting from the same playing field again - just with a shorter time frame. If you’re starting when they open at your 60 day window, you essentially have the same chance you did when the window was 180 days.

Off the top I would say Ohana. Try getting a walk-up here. Good luck with that!