Will waits for MMRR on opening day be THAT minimal?

I always make personalized touring plans. We will be in HS on March 4, opening day of MMRR, and we were unable to get a FP, so plan on rope dropping. Initially, my personalized touring plan arriving at 8 am opening gave us a 50 minute wait for MMRR-I thought “WooHoo!” Now, without changing anything, Touring Plans is giving me a 17 minute estimated wait time! I REALLY wish I could trust this, but somehow I doubt it! Why the change? I know the are now giving the vloggers and bloggers early access to the attraction the day before-could this have been the main ones interested in this ride opening day? I have been excited about this ride since we first learned about it! Why does TP estimate such a short wait? which I would LOVE, by the way!

No way I would trust that. Not sure why the change, but TP has no data yet, so early guesses will be unreliable. Based on the FPP demand for the ride, I would expect heavy interest.

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