Will Trade: Random Covid Info for Targeted WDW/UOR Info (aka Land of a Gabillion Silly Questions)

If they’re really able to accelerate the timing of the 12-15 age group to summer rather than fall, that will help a lot.


It may not be 80% vaccinated, but certainly we will get to 80% either infected or vaccinated eventually. Immunity is stronger with vaccination, but the large percentage already infected counts for something.

Please please DD13 is my missing piece. Plus having gone to her soccer game last night and observed how little middle schoolers wear their masks appropriately they are a problem.

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Yeah, that’s true. I have seen some troubling data, however, on the Brazil variant and reinfection. Who knows???

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Short 7th/8th graders with perfectly fitted masks while the tall ones can’t seem to get it right :slight_smile:

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ha ha ha ha

Edit: How few

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This must have changed. They take reservations up to 6 on their website. I had to call for a party of 7, though.


When they first started taking reservations it was only until 4:30 or 5. It is great they expanded those hours. We have used the app at parks closing.

Oh, maybe it’s still limited hours? I was looking for something 7-ish and he had availability at 5-something or earlier or 8:30 or later. (I went with 8:30.)

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Out of curiosity, I checked online availability. All times were available, but only taking reservations one month in advance. So maybe large groups they only do early/late?

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Next set of silly questions.

I have a cousin that lives in Orlando. She plans to meet us for dinner at Narcoossee’s on Day 2. I need to friend her and add her to the ADR so she can get through security gate, yes? And then she can park free due to the ADR?

I don’t need to delete her prior to our first HS day, correct? As long as she doesn’t have a HS park reservation, it should just autoselect those that do? I just want to make sure having her on my friends list shouldn’t slow anything down with our BG attempt.

Maybe just give her a screenshot of the confirmation. I’m sure this happens all the time and friending her is overkill. But maybe someone else can speak from experience.

This is correct. No need to worry about unlinking. MDE will do its thing, and if it doesn’t work properly, go to GS and show them screenshots of the IT issues and they’ll give you BGs.

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But wait! More silly questions!

I’m the lead on AKL Room #1, with DM and DS11 twins.

For admin reasons, I made DH the lead on AKL Room #2, with DD20 and DS16.

But really, DH and DM will be switched.

We bought our park tickets through Boardwalk Ticketing. I entered the confirmation code they provided and linked the tickets to everybody easy-peasy.

Boardwalk Ticketing also sent us each a physical card they call “ticket media”. Will these act as “Key to the World Cards” and be able to unlock our room doors? So I just need to give DM the card assigned to DH and vice versa? Or do we need to go by the front desk to pick up a Key to the World Card for each room?

It’s only for 1 day so just trying to figure out the easiest hack (without having either of them logging in to each others accounts or having to swap magic bands).

Those tickets will only get you into the parks (or magicbands if you have them, or magic mobile). Your phones or magicbands should open your door. Or get a key to the world card from the front door. I think I would have your husband get a KTTW card and give it to your mom for ease.