Will tickets be discounted again this summer?

Hi all! We’re heading back to Disney World this June/July and I’ve already booked lodging and flights but am waiting on tickets. I noticed that last summer they had a great deal on tickets for 4 parks/4 days for $99/day. Does anyone think they will offer anything close to that this summer? We are way more frequent Disneyland goers than Disney World, so wasn’t sure if that was a common thing for them to offer a great deal like that in summer. Thanks for any thoughts/advice on tickets! :slight_smile:

There is no way to know, since Disney doesn’t signal this kind of thing ahead of time. If I had to guess, I would say it has more than a 50% chance. They are seeing fairly steep drops in attendance, which is why they offer these kinds of deals.

Awesome, thanks for the input! It sounds like I should probably wait until closer to the trip to purchase tickets then.

If there is no discount will you purchase discounted or convention tickets? If you plan on purchasing full priced tickets from Disney, I would consider canceling what I have booked now, and re-book it as a package. That was you can modify to a discounted option as they are released.

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Great point! We are staying off-site at an AirBnb so I think what you mentioned wouldn’t impact us if I understand correctly. Yes, I would just buy tickets through Perks At Work or similarly mildly discounted site if a discount isn’t offered on tickets.

Check the TP ticket calculator vs the after tax cost of your work tickets.

You might also want to read the convention ticket thread!

Here’s a list of past discounts-

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My prediction: yes, there will be discounts next summer. My reasoning is the same as it was this past year: There was no attendance driver at Disney this past summer, and the next attendance driver in Orlando is actually going to be Epic Universe in 2025. So I would expect those who do not visit at lease once a year to wait until 2025 to visit Orlando next.

Of course, that means that any discounts in 2025 will be next to nonexistent (and the price of multiday, multipark tickets to Universal will rise 50% or more).

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I agree that it seems like there there will be discounts next summer.

But, there is also a chance that Disney raises ticket prices somewhere between now and then.

We did just see one in October, but February has been a favorite month for Disney to increase.

So, could be a wash unless they really did well using that $99/day offer and release that exact deal again. I tend to tell people that if you KNOW you’re going, better to buy tix now than later. Convention tix won’t be $99/day, but they can be a great discount.

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