Will they tell you at MCO how long the DME wait is?

Arriving at MCO on a Saturday 12/07 at 6:15pm. Deciding between Lyft or DME. Is there anyway to know how long the wait is for your particular bus. We are going to the Poly.

We have used the DME many times in the past and plan to again. We have never waited at MCO for a bus more than 30 min. and generally 10 min.

No, they will not tell you. It’s never a super long wait but of course we are now at Orlando and super anxious about starting our vacation so it’s never as quick as we would like!

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In July this year, wheels down to the DME pulling out was about 45 mins. And I was arriving on an international flight. Amazing.


If you get a ride share you’ll probably be at your hotel in 45 minutes - maybe less. If you take DME you’ll be there in about 75 minutes - depending on how busy they are / number of flights coming in at that time.

The wait for DME isn’t usually that long but take into consideration that your bus will most likely make multiple resort stops (ie perhaps all the monorail resorts), depending on the guest composition they get at that time. Whereas Lyft will take you directly to your resort.

That’s not exactly true. When arriving at DME they will separate you to the bus that goes to your resort. If there are other resorts nearby they may stop there as well. Mostly three resort or less. It’s your money. Use it how you want to use it or Not.

In an ideal situation, yes, they would separate you to a bus that ONLY goes to your resort but in all 5 trips I’ve made, my DME bus has ALWAYS wound up making stops at nearby resorts before heading to mine (i.e. when I stayed at the Contemporary, they made stops at Wilderness Lodge; when I’ve stayed at Boardwalk, they made stops at Beach and Yacht Club). If they had people from one resort all arriving at MCO at close times to each other, then yes, I’m sure the bus would only go to that one resort. But so far that hasn’t happened to me yet. In fact, when I stayed at the Yacht Club during my last trip, they made stops at Boardwalk, Beach Club, AND Caribbean before heading to mine.


Agree. I’ve never been on any DME that wasn’t bound for numerous stops.

That said, i would caution use of the word “never” in terms of whether there is a long wait or not. The past two trips (the last one especially) we waited a substantial amount of time just to board a bus - I would venture to say about 20-30 minutes. Then we waited aboard the bus for departure. On the last trip I’m not sure what was going on but there were ZERO DME buses in the terminal for quite a while. It was the first time ever we were frustrated by the experience


We had the same experience in August.


Maybe DME is going downhill. For us the wait has never really matter all that much. We are from ND and after a 5am CST fight we are so tired and glad to be back in Florida that is the least of our worries. Then you get on the Magical Express and there’s Mickey on the screen saying Welcome Back and everything is alright.

They don’t. Just took it yesterday. Waited about 20 minutes to board bus and we were 2nd stop heading to pop. Arrived about 11:30am and lots of people were there so bus boarded quickly and we were off

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