Will they cancel my FPs?

I still would make sure to have new tickets linked before cancelling the old ones. Not that I don’t trust their IT systems, perish the thought. :joy:


100% agree!

So just for grins - what is the percentage cost increase for this formally “economy” WDW trip now that you’ve converted to club rooms and specialty experiences? :grin:.


Well, I was always planning specialty events, so it’s mostly the room and tickets that are going up. The room has increased by over 100%. The tickets will go up by 10 - 15%, but I’m trying to offset that by using points for some of them. Dining is possibly a wash. We were originally getting DxDDP on one room for the whole trip (the room with 1 adult and 2 kids). The second half of our trip has all of us in one room, so we won’t be getting a dining plan for that stay and will rely more heavily on the club lounges. We will still be getting the DxDDP on the first half of the trip, I think. We really like TS meals. It’s nice to know you have a reserved spot to get out of the crowds and just sit for an hour or so (we are a group of 6 with 3 kiddos - 2, 4, and 7). All said and done though, the increase is at least $5,000. In my defense, my mom is the one who suggested (and is paying for) the second club level stay.

Totally agree with the TS reservations. I book a lunch and dinner for every day of our week long trip, more to know we have a place to go and relax and not stress about getting a table. We never do the DDP so my wife, who is a light eater, will get the kids meal many times, and we just order what we will actually eat, so I never feel like we are over eating.

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The DxDDP works well in situations where you can split it between rooms. It gives you 3 TS per day, which is more than we would want, but when split between the 2 rooms it works out to 1 or 2 TS per day. And it’s great because the kids credits cost about a third of an adult credit, but they are all pooled and can be used by children or adults. Our math works such that each credit is worth $23.33.

The only caveat is that you end up eating more expensive meals which equals more tip $$$. Learned that the hard way!

That is true, though we do a lot of character buffets, so, other than alcohol, the price is pretty much set. And we would do those whether we were on the plan or not. Well, maybe not Artist Point.