Will they cancel my FPs?

My plan has gone through so many iterations at this point!! We started out planning a somewhat budget trip - CSR through MVT with their discounted tickets. Well, when they announced the changes to the tiers at HS, we decided to upgrade the first part of our stay to club level at CSR. My MVT agent told me that since our MVT part of the stay won’t start until halfway through the trip, our tickets won’t be valid until then. So now we need to purchase our own tickets. At this point, I have made no changes to our original MVT package, so those tickets are still linked to our account. I read that you can use ThankYou points from CitiCard to get tickets. So now me, my husband, and my mom are racing to meet the spend limit to get the bonus points that will cover a ticket for each of us (yes, we will be paying our cards off each month!). My question is, if we don’t get our new tickets before FP day (9/3), are our FPs tied to the MVT tickets? Will our FPs get cancelled when we add the new tickets and remove the MVT ones? Thanks!

I would think as long as you have tickets linked, it shouldn’t matter. Calling on experts…@Nickysyme, @PrincipalTinker; @missoverexcited


I also think as long as you have a valid ticket and do not cancel your stay, you should be fine. You are still on property and you still have a ticket. Curious what our experts think also.

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That is what I am thinking/hoping. I wouldn’t cancel the MVT package until after I had all of the new tickets linked. And we’ll definitely be staying on property the whole stay. I would just really be kicking myself if I lost all my FPs, especially the club level ones!

If you have your tickets and a room reservation you should be fine. I am concerned about something else- you will be paying the $50 per person three day minimum to book CL FPs but you are not booking at 90 days?

I’m not an expert on stuff like this! @Nickysyme will probably know.

Yes, I am booking at 90 days.

You won’t have your MVT FPs at day 90? What am I missing?

Right now the only tickets I have in my account are the ones attached to my MVT package. I’m not sure if I we will have our new tickets before our 90 day (or even 60 day) mark. My MVT package still covers my entire stay. Once I get my new tickets I will be cancelling my MVT package (we’ve actually booked club level BWI for the second half of our stay now because of the RotR announcement). Do you think I will have trouble booking 90 day FPs with the MVT tickets?

So your CL stay overlaps your MVT dates? I would call signature services and ask if they can make FPs with those tickets- if they are the same dates.

Disney Signature Services is here for Guests 7 days a week from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET. Please call [(407) 939-7777](tel:(407) 939-7777) or email us at disney.signature.services@disneyworld.com.


My current dates look like this:

11/27 - 12/7 MVT package
11/27 - 12/2 CSR club level
12/2 - 12/7 BWI club level

So I won’t be using the MVT package at all. I’m just holding onto it right now because of the ticket situation.

Do your tickets show up as convention tickets in your MDE ?

As long as you have tickets linked and an onsite reservation, your FPs will be fine.

FPs are not tied to particular tickets. Tickets just enable you to book FPs, and a resort reservation opens the window for booking.

Make sure you have everything linked before you cancel anything!

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Will signature services book at 90 days if they are convention tickets? They would have to because of CSR right?

Not sure about convention tickets. Is that what @kerrilux is getting?

I just read she’s getting her own tickets instead of through MVT. :no_good_woman:

They say:

8-Day Magic Your Way Base Ticket + 1 Water Park Fun & More

I will be getting regular tickets, but I currently have convention tickets through MVT.

OK, are those MVT convention tickets part of a package?

If so, then @PrincipalTinker’s concern is valid. I don’t know if Signature Services will be able to book your CL FPs with them Because they’re connected to a package they may not be available to book FPs with that far out because the package isn’t a CL package. I think you should call Signature Services and ask. Not a regular CM, just Signature Services.

If they can book with those tickets then your FPs should be fine as long as you link the new tickets before you cancel.


I will do so tomorrow. Thank you!!

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Quick update - I just got off the phone with Signature Services and they said that as long as I have tickets showing up in my MDE they can book the 90 day FPs. They also said that I have 24 hours from when I cancel my old tickets to replace them with new tickets before I risk losing my FPs.

And for anyone doing a split stay at club level…as long as the stays are consecutive you can divide your 3 (or more) days of extra FP across the whole stay. Booking starts 90 days from checkout, and they will book the first part of your stay at first checkout if you want (even if it is only 1 or 2 days).