Will there be a special Touring Plan for MVMCP

Will there be a special touring plan for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party? And/Or a plan that will acknowledge the park attendance on days where the crowd’s might be lower due to a MVMCP that evening?

We’re going for our first December visit to the World, and I’d love to maximize our time during the party!

There are MVMCP Plans. Last year you had to create the plan on the touring plans website and then you could open and update it in the app . The plans are listed under Magic Kingdom plans.

FYI- I thought the plans, even when I optimized, under estimated what I could get done.

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I took a look at the ones for MNSSHP. It will be nice to have a check list I can follow for my party.

Can you link the MNSSHP plans please?

I could use them for my September trip!!


you may need a WDW subscription to see the plans.

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I was able to see it! Thanks! Not sure if I can use it though. Many things I don’t want to do and missing things I do want to do! :rofl::rofl:

You can delete steps and there should be options to add anything you want.

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Those plans are not working. They are removing all the party activities.

You have the start time at 8:00AM which is not during the party. You need a separate plan for the party–or at least I think you do–with the party start time.

I made a plan with a start time of 4:00pm.

But Party doesn’t start until 7:00. Does a plan that starts at 4:00 let you include the party exclusive events?

I extended it to 8 am because I received that message when I started my plan at 4 pm. I added hours because one of the reasons quoted was “limited park hours”. You can start these plans as a day guest (it is an option). I made 5 plans and always had the plan remove the fireworks and parades, the fireworks and parades are also not on the list of parades and shows, or attractions, that can be added.

When I copied the plan to duplicate it, it removed all the seasonal items because they aren’t valid today. Once i switched the date to my party date, the seasonal items reappeared as options I could put into the plan.


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These are supposed to be party plans. Party entry is at 4:00 but it shouldn’t matter, your plan should schedule the party events that start after 7. You select times when you are entering and if you are attending the party:

Do you think they are removing them for parties more than 60 days out?

I tried September 25th and October 31st.

My October 31st with the items removed is posted above?

Oh! If I copy a second time, I can re-add them back!