Will the fridge hold all this?

I think this is the last question on my list that I haven’t been able to find answers for! It’s almost trip time yay! We are doing grocery delivery from Instacart. Is it normal or ok to have a decent size grocery delivery? We have a family of 5. We want to order breakfast and most lunches to eat in our room or pool side. We plan to come back to the resort for 4 of the afternoons, and I know my kids will just want a ham and cheese sandwich or pb&j so they can rush off to the pool! Do people actually order things like 30-40 ounces of lunch meat, hot dogs, sliced cheese, pb&j, etc for five people? Fruit, chips, granola bars, bagels & cream cheese, muffins, etc? It kinda seems comical :rofl::rofl::rofl: but I also can’t imagine paying $5 pee sandwich when the kids just want some ham and cheese!

The fridge would have to hold:

  • couple packs of lunch meat
  • hot dogs
  • cheese sticks
  • cream cheese
  • mustard

Not sure where you’re staying, but even the small mini fridges should hold that. And if you need more space, regular yellow mustard doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

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Do others have this much delivered or will the resort think we are nuts? :rofl: We are staying at Caribbean Beach!

I’m 100% positive they’ve seen much weirder stuff than this, so don’t worry about it! I’ve even heard of people bringing hot plates and little crockpots, so you’re still in the minor leagues as far as in-room food prep :rofl:

The fridge is there for a reason. We were staying club level so we took as much beer, juice & pop from the lounge as we could carry to put in our fridge (there were 5 of us, too) and no one batted an eye. So fill it up and go have fun!


This might be a stupid question but how are you going to cook or at least heat up the hot dogs?


Family suites have microwaves, but technically hotdogs can be eaten cold. Not by me.

that does not sound like a ridiculous amount of food at all. For the price of food we had delivered on our first trip we probably could have upgraded to deluxe dining and just eaten at restaurants every meal.

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They have microwaves in the restaurant area of the resort! I generally stay away from hot dogs, they kinda gross me out, so I’m not sure they will even make the final order or not :rofl:

@jennie.king.81- I’ve stayed at CBR multiple times. Be aware that not all the rooms have a mini fridge. I know in the room description that Disney states that they do. Make sure a room that included a mini fridge is on your room request. You have better odds of getting one if you tell them you need it for medical reasons, like to store insulin or some other medication.

I’ve arrived / checked in early and headed right out to the parks, without seeing the room, to find I was placed in a room without one. Felt so guilty making some poor maintenance guy haul a fridge to my room after midnight. (I told CM it could wait until the morning!)

Oh! If you are doing the pirate themed rooms and don’t see the fridge right away - open the “barrel” the TV rests on. It is hidden inside that.

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That will be a huge hassle to bring hot dogs down to the resort QS to heat them up… That sounds like way more trouble than it’s worth, but the rest of it should fit fine. Mini-fridges will also easily hold a 1/2 gallon of milk. We had a lot more than that (although to be honest, we only ate about half of what I ordered. I also planned to have breakfast in the room and it didn’t seem to work out. DS really loved those Mickey waffles, and the kid’s platters are pretty reasonable.)

Some people apparently cook hot dogs in the in-room coffee pots. Can’t say I’ve ever tried it (and I very much doubt I ever will)…!


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We are taking a mini “Dash” egg cooker and cook pot. We have been practicing making omelets, poached and boiled eggs. In the cook pot we can quickly heat up cans of soup, boil water for oatmeal and make the beloved boxed macaroni and cheese. This will be in addition to the makings for pb&j and ham and cheese sandwiches. Milk and cereal. Never hot dogs. We are a family of 12 staying at Port Orleans Riverside.

I saw this :rofl::rofl::rofl: and also people using the iron to make quesadillas :rofl::rofl::rofl: hell to the no!


:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: OMG I’ve heard it all now! :joy::joy::joy:

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They make grilled cheese with the iron as well.


just make sure you put the sandwich under the iron, not on top. Otherwise you get cheese in the steam vents.


I was happier before I knew how the sausage is made (and where the bodies are buried.)


They aren’t buried, they were made into sausage.

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And there we have it.

He can hold all that, no problem.