Will Talking Mickey ruin other characters for my DD4?

I know she will love it (me too!), but I don’t want her to be disappointed when she meets the other characters who don’t talk! Has anyone had any experience with this? I’m probably over-thinking it. MK is our first and second day, so if we meet him, she will meet several characters after who won’t talk!


My kids were not disappointed, but they asked why only Mickey talked. We told them that was magician Mickey and he used his magic to talk. That seemed to help settle any disappointment and questions.


That’s clever!

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I love @chysuz’s explanation. I will prob use that next trip.

Last yr was little’s 1st wdw trip - 2 and 4 yr olds. So I chose to skip the talking Mickey - , since knew we’d be back again in 2 yrs or less. So next april, we’re visiting talking Mickey 1st day, then seeing Minnie @Cape May second day. That way littles each see their fave.

Last august we did CM, so fab fave were there all together. I just felt that at least 1 character meal, w their fave characters was better than a meet and greet.

More than 1 character meal though can get really expensive, plus the food at other adrs can actually be better I think.

I really love how @chyuz explained it though, so probably would have been just fine to visit talking Mickey first trip anyway.

As a card carrying Mouseketeer haha. no such thing as overthinking wdw. part of the fun!

Probably. Not that I am innocent of overthinking. When prepping for the Soarin’ Golf Ball Trick, I could only find a practice golf ball, the type that looks like a Whiffle Ball. I prepared an elaborate explanation, where WDW had to use this type of a ball instead of a real golf ball because of potential injuries. DD didn’t even notice, and was looking around for a CM to return the golf ball to because she didn’t want them to lose it.

Did I mention that she was 15 at the time? :smiley:


I’ve wondered the very same thing! We will avoid talking Mickey with our youngest, just in case. :smile: