Will resale lose Interval access as well?

With it being apparent resale owners are losing access to TOTWL, it only seemed a matter of time before Disney took away all benefits from resale owners. The last one (other than worthless pool hopping) was being able to use Interval International.

But I was just reading the latest Disney Files magazine, and found this…

This is adding functionality…but the asterisked bit about Members referees to Membership Extras eligibility.

Later on in the magazine providing more details we see this…

So…is it that JUST the new hotels access is for “eligible Members”, or is the entire feature of having Interval International access being taken away from resale owners?

I don’t know the answer to that but if they take this away, Riviera resale members would completely lose points if they have to cancel two months (or more) before their trips and there is no alternative Riviera bookings available?



If that were to happen it would be a big hit IMO- while I don’t use interval or RCI through DVC and have no plans to, part of what makes DVD a good timeshare company IMO to own is how they treat the resale owners…

Degrading the resale product again my opinion degrades ALL ownership in general -

Interestingly I got the “we’re changing to Interval” email. So it would seem weird to exclude me?

Completely agree. Tiered differences is one thing, but a robust reslae market is what sets them apart from other timeshares.

Wait, I jist reread it. Interval exvhange is still for everyone. This is a new upgraded more wxtensive dashboard for use by those eligible for extras.

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Ok just read this-in disney files

Mouse has lost his mind…how is this hotel hub a benefit… 20 points + cash + $95 transaction fee…

Why would anyone do this?

That is a good question that I have pondered. Best answer I can come up with is if someone has points that they can’t use and otherwise would expire…20 points might get them into a hotel for a trip elsewhere perhaps and not let the points go to waste. Otherwise…I got nothing!

We just had to cancel our 4th of July trip due to DGD testing positive for COVID. I called to see if there was anything they could do to help us with the 75 points we used for the trip. They were kind enough to move the points out of holding but we still need to use them before our December use year (we bought a contract that had banked 150 points from last year so we can’t bank those again) and she gave us two options, obviously use the points before December or deposit them in IIL and they can stay there for 2 years. I asked if that was an option since we bought resale and she said yes. That was just last night

Oh no that’s horrible-

  • there was an announcement in the summer disney files about upcoming changes to the II program and certain benefits only being available to DVC Y, direct ect…

Can’t tell you why this annoyed me so much I have 2 independent II trader accounts but it did. So much so that I spent the last few days reading up on the differences….Incase any one else is interested in nerding out- it falls under section 4a the rules and regulations. For those that want a brief explanation
DVC owns that account- nothing is guaranteed except an exchange.

@DisneyDayDreamin your points are safe to deposit for exchange to other timeshares as long as DVC stays in the program and you maintain a DVC membership.

Hope everyone feels better - I know it’s hot but have some matzah ball soup

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