Will Poly DVC construction impact resort experience?

I am planning to stay at the Poly in June 2023. Anyone know if the construction of the adjacent high rise DVC property will disrupt the experience of those staying at the resort during that time? Like will it be loud and/or an eyesore? I am considering changing my reservation to the Contemporary if that is the case. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I am going to guess the biggest impact will be that you most likely will not be able to walk to/from GF? That would also mean you would not have access to a fitness center within walking distance, if that is important to you.

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BlogMickey had a great article with lots of photos and descriptions as he walked along the area where the construction will take place. Photos from many different places, showing the “before” condition, and descriptions of where things will be. You can read the article and decide for yourself how much change you might see from your possible room location and resort explorations. Some people might be upset at seeing any sign of construction during their stay, while others are fine with it as long as they have quiet at night for sleeping.

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Thanks for this. I have been trying to decide of I should switch my two nights at the Poly over to the Villa side. We own DVC but are out of points and staying cash to overlapnwith some friends.

I wanted to use that opportunity tonstay in the Moana rooms - I doubt we will ever stay cash again - but the Villas seem much further removed from the construction.

Maybe the room prices will drop once construction starts! I wonder if they will ever nofity me about the construction during my stay?

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I worry about this for my November stay. I’m
Hoping to stay put but if it looks to disruptive, I’ll switch to stay at my first hotel(boardwalk) the length of our trip.

so it seems like they will be starting this relatively soon. I arrive Saturday , i’ll take a look see what if any activity is going on. Seems like the only for sure way to avoid construction noise and ugliness would be to stay on the dvc units or club level.