Will Parks Open Earlier?

Good morning! This is my first time planning a trip to DW, which will be the last 2 weeks of June. Right now, I’m very happy with the park hours. But, should I assume that these hours will change? Currently, MK, HS, and EP all open at 9:00 and AK opens at 8:00. Will they likely change to earlier times? And if so, does anyone know how far out do they edit the opening time? Thanks for your help!

You never know but unless they expect those weeks to be very busy, I don’t think those will change. They’ve been updating about 3 weeks in advance.

Thank you!

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The did already change AK from 9 to 8 am opening…I’d doubt they’d push it earlier again unless they expect huge crowds. Like for Fourth of July weekend. They might push the evening hours out more likely, I’d think. I noticed recently MK was open till 11pm a lot of nights but I’m also going mid-June and it’s 10pm right now. I expect it’s more likely that gets bumped to 11pm versus an 8am opening.

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We are going mid June too… I am fine w 9 am openings . . . but more people at rope drop! :rofl:


My May hours for next week all changed about 2 weeks ago. This is supposedly a lower crowd time but they still changed, I assume because it’s been busier than expected. Epcot went from 10 to 8:30 open, HS from 9 to 8, and animal Kingdom went up to 7:30!

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Thanks for sharing your experience. Now I won’t be surprised when it happens to my park days. I’ll just have to prepare myself for getting there extra early for EE!

I’m going in late June and fully expecting the same as current park hours -

MK 9-11
Ep 8:30-9
DHS 8-9
AK 8:30-8:30

  • plus 30 min extra for EE

I could even see them going later at night at Epcot or DHS.

Im pulling for later at DHS on 6/19 as I plan to hop there…more LLs to stack!

Also, AK is already 8am for me…so EE 730

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Yes, I guess I’ll be better off planning for this. Thanks for responding @mikejs78. I really appreciate your Genie+ posts. You and all the Liners have really helped me prepare for my trip!

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