Will my magic band work?

I am planning a trip September 2016. I will be staying 6 nights (Sunday through Saturday) at the Poly. I will be driving to Florida and will be arriving the Saturday before my trip starts. I want to add an extra day to my park tickets (8 day park hoppers vs. 7 day) because I will be arriving early enough to do some touring but not long enough to make paying to stay on-site and accumulating extra dining credits worth the extra night. My question is that seeing as my on-site reservation does not begin until Sunday, will I be able to use my magic band to get into the parks? Or s adding an extra day on only “acceptable” if I did it on the end of my trip vs the beginning? If I understand correctly the Magic bands do not get “activated” until I check into my resort. I could be very wrong about that, though.

Thanks in advance

Hi there - We are doing a spilt stay (offsite and then on in early December) and my understanding is that you have to have guest services activate your magic band to use it any earlier. That’s what we will be attempting to do so fingers crossed!

Thanks for the info! Good luck! Let me know if it works out

I just wanted to let you know that we activated our bands at GS a week prior to our onsite check in and they activated them early for us without any issues. Have fun!

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