Will MDE Allow 2 Overlapping Hotel Resevations?

I just booked a room-only reservation at Caribbean Beach Resort under my MDE profile. I booked it as a single occupancy room. I also plan on adding two more rooms at the Dolphin when the reservation window opens in the next few weeks, also under my name for me and my family. The dates of the Caribbean Beach and Dolphin reservations will be overlapping by up to 7 days.


1 Will MDE allow three overlapping reservations in my name?
2. There is some uncertainty on whether the Dolphin room reservations allow the 180+ window for dining reservations so I am inclined to hold my Caribbean Beach Resort reservations and make all my dining reservations for the week and cancel my room well after the 180-day mark – any issues with this approach? Could I lose my dining reservations?

Anyone can make dining reservations at 180 days out. So no, they will be fine.

A couple of people have reported on chat that when they booked an overlapping reservation recently, their first was automatically cancelled.

During the planning for our trip tomorrow, I had several room only reservations overlapping in MDE. Never had an issue when doing all of that online. We were going back and forth with many options.

When I did call in one time to adjust something, the CM noticed and wouldn’t let me overlap a new one. But, she didn’t make me cancel anything.

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I had 3 overlapping reservations for about 2 months while I finalized actual travel dates but didn’t want to loose discount availability. I called once my plans were set and the canceled 2 of 3 and move my payments to the remaining reservation.

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So it wasn’t an issue. All the reservations were in your name and in MDE?

I’m pretty sure it was @ICONTROLWDW, maybe they can confirm. But it stuck in my head because there was speculation WDW were doing it to stop people booking rooms to get a jump on ADR and FP windows.

Like I said though, it was only 2 reports. There were lots of people responding saying that theirs hadn’t been cancelled.

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FP windows are tougher to manipulate than ADR windows because now you need park tickets to coincide with your FP dates.

Yes, all were in my name and booked while I was logged in on mde. All showed up on my account. I had no idea it could be a potential issue and not sure why it would be. People host multiple room all the time. But I wasn’t testing the system, rather just doing what I needed to do to get what was best for us.

Great. Thanks.

I’m not trying to game the system either - just not sure where we are going to ultimately stay - Dolphin in 2 rooms or Caribbean Beach in 1. Leaning towards to 2 rooms in Dolphin then my wife and I can have our own room and my kids can have their own, but will hold the Caribbean Beach room past the 180-day ADR point to solidify the ADR reservations. I have no plans to keep the three rooms up to the 60 day FP point.

Issue started after the 10/16 ticket update. You can no longer have overlapping reservations. However you can have a reservation and party b that is staying in your room can have a seperate reservation with you as a guest that overlaps.


Thanks for the confirmation, I thought it was you!

What if I wanted to book two rooms at a Disney resort for a big family. You are saying MDE won’t allow me to book two rooms under my name for my family? I’m talking room-only reservations - not packages with park tickets.

I’m not sure what Disney will allow but I tried to book a contingency room under my name with the same guests (minus 1 guest which was the reason for attempting to book a second room) for the same dates at a different resort. The reservation would not go through on MDE and told me repeatedly to try again. Which is what I did–apparently I tried 6 times because I got 6 confirmation emails for all of the reservations. When I called to sort it out, I was told they all autocanceled because I had another reservation under that account for those dates. I was charged 6 times but all 6 charges for deposits were removed (not refunded just removed as if they never happened).

Interestingly, all 6 still show up on my MDE 2 months later although Disney IT (twice now) assures me they are not there. :woman_facepalming:


I believe with the new system you would put an adult as the lead in each room.

Wow this would not be good. I just recently booked a second hotel reservation for the same dates with the same guests at a different resort because I honestly don’t know which hotel we want and one is notorious for selling out early. We should be allowed to do that because you can change the guests later! I hope mine doesn’t disappear, I will be jacked.

Do you have more than one adult planned for each room? Can you change one of the reservations? The warning here is that others have had one reservation cancelled without warning. They don’t seem to ask which reservation you prefer.

When I’m trying to edit it online to just one adult it isn’t letting me choose a lead guest, it just defaults to me.

I hate to say it but I think you may need to call or start over (make a 3rd reservation, changing the lead and then cancel one of the two you have now).

Yeah I just cancelled the easier to get reservation for now. Its not until next October so I should be ok until I figure out what to do. Thanks! :slight_smile: