Will Magic Kingdom open early Spring Break 2016 (March 20-26)?

Do you think Disney will open Magic Kingdom an hour early for Spring Break 2016 due to crowds? Right now times are 9am-midnight, but I’ve seen 8 am opens in the past and wondered if it was safe bet?

FYI on capacity: we’re off-site and at 30 days out, 12:01 there were no Fastpass+ for Anna & Elsa and 7 Dwarves had first opening at 5:40 pm.

Thanks! Nicka

What date are you going?

I don’t know how accurate this is, but try this site. Set it to you date and park, then click on the attraction. It’ll bring up a calendar which lists availabilities. I noticed that they’re reporting a couple of times for A&E on March 10 and 18, but only for two. Don’t know if that helps you.


I went last year at Easter and MK opened at 7 AM every day which was great. 8AM opening with EMH. I expect the same this year

Thank you! Will try.

Wow, 7 am? Were you there at rope drop?

I’m not sure I can mobilize my group of 7 to get up early enough, but we plan to get to the gates at 7:30. Do the crowds trickle in more with that early of an open, or are you already “late” at 7:30 then?

Thanks, Nicka

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We were there for Easter last year too, and were the first on the boat at 6:30 am. It was awesome- dark- and not crowded at all. We stayed until after the noon Festival of Fantasy parade and returned around 5 and stayed until 12:30am. Awesome day! It was fairly light crowds until 10 am, then the post church peeps started pouring in.

It gives you a big advantage. Crowds are manageable until 10 or 11, then it gets crazy by 12. By then we’re getting ready to go back to pool.