Will little kids like Race Through NY w Fallon?

DD7 and DS5 have no idea who Jimmy Fallon is…is the ride worth doing with no prior context?

They may enjoy it. You are in a car flying through the streets on NY.


I’m British but I kinda know who Jimmy Fallon is. But I’m not a regular viewer.

The ride is all kinds of fun. It’s a race through the streets of New York, which goes as far as the Moon, as well as under water. Jimmy Fallon is an excellent and funny host of the ride, regardless of whether you know who he is.

Of course, the pre-show stuff will be lost on your kids, but it’s an opportunity to sit down for a while.

Ah, great to know, thank you!

I think they would!

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My DSs 7, 10 and 13 loved it and have no idea who Jimmy Fallon is.

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