Will late arrival affect our room assignment?

Hubs and I are going to WDW to celebrate our 35th anniversary (couples who Disney together stay together!). We are arriving in Orlando at about 10:30 pm on11/29, so I guess it could be midnight or so before we get from the airport to our resort, BWI. We’ve never arrived that late, and I’m wondering if our late arrival will affect our room assignment. Do y’all think we’ll get a less desirable room location because we’ll be checking in so late? I’m trying to decide whether to just take our chances or if we should make a room request. It’s standard view, so the view isn’t likely to be great either way, but I’d rather not be over a dumpster or something for almost $500 a night:upside_down_face:

I would make a room request. I think if you don’t then arriving late might have an impact (I don’t know that for sure though). And on your room request I would state how excited you are to be celebrating your 35th anniversary at BWI (it might help).

Thank you! That makes sense!

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Not sure about Disney resort hotels, but in general, late arrivals to hotels are more likely to get upgraded. So with luck, it may actually work out better for you (and the anniversary should help too)!