Will I make it to my FFP reservation?

My family and I land at MCO at 2pm. We are staying at Bay Lake Tower, and want to swing by to drop off our carry on luggage. Do you think we will make it to Soarin FFP reservation 5pm? We have a Via Napoli reservation for 6pm after that.

Oh that’s a tight schedule.

You’ll make it if everything goes perfectly. I suppose you have until 6 to make the FPP but then you’re very late for Via Napoli. I will cross my fingers for you

I agree it is tight. Is 7:00 available? If not, I would chance it.

Via Napoli is so booked that I got lucky with this 6pm. I could do Soarin at 7pm, but wasn’t sure if its ok to do right after eating? My kids will probably want to be in bed by 8pm.

Soarin after a meal shouldn’t be an issue. While you get the sensation of flying, it’s not a bumpy ride at all. Also do remember you can be a little late for your ADR w/o major issue if worst comes to worst…