Will i lose my Reserved FP+ if i experiment?

i have 3 Advanced Reserved FP+ for MK … if i play around on the WDW for a different strategy (delete one FP+ for another) and i don’t like the way that works out, will i lose the ones i’ve reserved? i’m talking about one session on the WDW FP+ section, not walking away or logging out …

Yes. I played with FP reservations for our Feb trip earlier this year and had to drop to add or play around with it.

Do you have a friend with an AP who isn’t going during your dates that can check availability? Just a thought! :slight_smile:

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Are you looking same day/same park?

You can go in and look at available times, using View Details/Modify. Hitting Cancel will then keep your FP+s as is, but once you okay the switch it replaces the old FP+ with the new one.