Will I lose FPs if I do this?

Currently have 2 reservations booked thanks to a little TA confusion - one Dec 7-15 and one Dec 9-17th. I want to keep the 9-17 reservation and modify the other one for the 7-9th at a different resort. I think I should be able to do this & not lose my FPs booked for the 8th-14th since I will have on site reservation for the entire time period. CM on the phone wasn’t sure I wouldn’t lose them and after spending hours trying to get the FOP ones I don’t want to lose them!

Are your tickets part of a package? As long as you don’t cancel the reservation that has your tickets in the package before loading valid ticket media, FP will not be cancelled after they are booked.

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Both are room only reservations - bought tickets separately using the Canadian discount

Then no worries for you. Even if you cancelled both reservations, once FP are made with valid ticket media on the MDE profile, FP will remain.

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