Will I lose FP on last day if I upgrade to AP on the first day if I didn't schedule that day?

I have a 10 day trip booked with a 5 day ticket. I (obviously) can only make FPs for 5 days. I’ll only have a half day on arrival. If I book Fps towards the end of my trip, but go in to a Park the first night and immediately upgrade to an AP, will I lose that last day of FPs?

Welcome! No, you won’t lose them. Once you upgrade you will also be able to make FPP for all the days you could not book before the trip. I have upgraded immediately upon arrival (with no FPP planned for that day), and did not lose any days and could also make them for all days including the current one.


Thanks @Wahoohokie! I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Made my next trip that much more enjoyable to plan

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I upgraded at Disney Springs before actually using my ticket. The alternative was making my whole family wait around in the park the next day.