Will I have to check out and check back in?

For reasons that I won’t get into right now, I’ve got two consecutive reservations for the same hotel (Wilderness Lodge), same room type (Courtyard View w/ bunkbeds). The first ressy is checking in April 26, checking out May 1; the second checks in May 1, checks out May 2 (one more night). Are they going to actually make me and the family pack up and leave the room by 11am, and check back in at 3pm for an identical room that same day?

No, they shouldn’t. You need to make sure the reservations are linked (call Disney and have them link), and then at check in make sure they know about the consecutive reservation. We had no trouble with this at the Disneyland Hotel, we did not need to change rooms or check out/check back in.

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I’ve linked them both to “My Disney Experience”, is that what you mean? Good idea to give them the heads up at check-in.

I have done this once before to take advantage of free dining. I let them know at check in and it was no problem at all. If you plan on doing a room request using the wonderful TP automatic fax, I would mention it in the remarks, giving the room assigner a heads up and cutting down on their work.

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I think Wahoohokie means call the Disney reservation folks and make sure the two are linked in their system. I usually make my reservations via phone with them and when I did the two stay thing the CM made a big deal about linking them in the system so it would show as a follow-on reservation, not two separate stays.

Yes, just what @NeedaTurkeyLeg said, you need to call them.

Great, thanks!

We almost made a reservation like that. The reason for ours was because they didn’t have any rooms left that were available for the full number of days that we wanted. They said it was possible that we might be able to stay in the same room and possible we wouldn’t. You might not know for sure until you get there. We ended up booking at a different resort because we didn’t want to have switch rooms mid trip.

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You should call WDW. In 2012, I had a stay at the Poly & they subsequently announced a discount special that started on the last day of our stay. I called my TA to see if we could get the discounted rate for the last day. We could… but… it would be considered a separate stay, so it was entirely possible that we would have to check out & back in to another room.

Our TA said it was unlikely, but it does happen & neither she (nor WDW) could guarantee that we would have the same room.

I ultimately decided that saving $50-60 wasn’t worth the potential hassle of missing park time or anything like that on our last full day.

If you call WDW, you’ll probably get the same answer: that they’ll do their best, but can’t guarantee it.

Go well, please let us know how it works out.

Thanks… I have a related question. My park tickets are on my main reservation, which we got using a PIN code. My add on extra day was procured using the general public seasonal discount. We got 4 days of park tickets. I see that, if you get 4 days of park tickets on the seasonal discount, you get a fifth day for free. I’m tempted to move the park tickets over to the one day reservation to take advantage of that.

The problem is: let’s say I move the park tickets over to the one day reservation to get that 5th free day, then next week I make my FP+ selections(next Wednesday is my 60 day FP+ window), and THEN an opportunity comes to extend my original reservation by one day (allowing us therefore to cancel the awkward second reservation and the problems that could result from it), well then we’d move the tickets back to the main reservation… would that lose my FP+ selections?

No idea on that poser, sorry!
Hope someone else w/experience can answer.

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