Will I have time?

I have reservations at Chef Mickey at 6:20. My touring plan has me entering Indiana Jones at 3:53. So, is it even possible to make it to CM by 6:20, eat, and go back to see Fantasmic or should I move CM to the day we are vising AK since it closes early anyway?

When is your trip? I do not think you will have time to make it back to Fantasmic. My concern is that you will have to end your AK day early as well. My hours at AK for next month were just extended to 8:00 (the same closing time for HS).

I am going in June. It says that AK closes at 7 that day, so I made reservations for 7:20. Should I try later? My touring plan says I’ll be done at AK by 3pm. Is that not realistic?

Current rumors are that Pandora could possibly open end of May/early June. Of course this is only a rumor. It is based on the fact that Disney has sold some three and four day Florida resident passes that are black out for animal kingdom only May 27th- is it June 6th? Lots of talk that the black out is due to Pandora opening. It is tough to plan around these rumors but it may be something you need to plan for?

We will be at AK on June 20th. I REALLY hope it doesn’t happen while we are there. So does that mean if it happens whilwe we are there, we won’t be able to go to AK?

You will be able to go but the new attractions may be open and you would want to walk through the a area at night!

What do the black out dates mean? Non residents can’t go to the park those days or certain times.

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I’m confused about it too. I’m going to have to look it up.

I did a quick search and could find an answer and principaltinker knows everything :smile: So she can help us.

Disney sells special tickets at discount for Florida residents only. They recently started offering these tickets again. The special thing about these discounted tickets is that they do not allow the tickets to be used to enter Animal Kingdom for about 10 day end of May/early June (this is what is called a black out period- those tickets cannot be used at AK- or blacked out) Florida residents can use the tickets at any of the other three parks during these days. When they offered these tickets (I think a couple of weeks ago) the rumors started that they could not be used at Animal Kingdom because Pandora would be opening. Regular magic your way or tickets bought through Disney or a discounted seller will allow you to get into Animal Kingdom on these days.

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Regarding your original question, I don’t think getting to CM in time will be a problem. Getting back in time for F! I think will be almost impossible. Without a F! dining package, you’ll need to be there at least 30 min prior to show time, closer to 60 if you want a choice of seats. I would recommend eating in DHS, possibly considering a F! dining package - best seats in the house, and you can get there 15-20 prior to showtime.

Another factor that will influence AK planning is that ROL may be opening around the same time - another event that will keep people in AK longer (and could push closing time even later). Either of the above alone will make AK much more crowded, and together, they will probably result in some significant changes to AK touring.

Although I can easily spend a full day at AK, you probably can see most of the park by mid to late afternoon - unless Pandora opens, and then all guesses are off. If you’re not interested in after dark AK possibilities, then I think you would be much better off moving your CM to your AK day; it will be much more relaxing, and it will be a fun way to end the day without rushing through dinner.