Will I get a room with a King or two Fulls?

I typically stay at All-Stars or POFQ, and it is always me, wife and two sons. Without specifying, we always get 2 full or queen size beds. That makes sense because there are four people in the room. Now I have a trip coming up in 2 weeks where me and my father-in-law are going, Just the two of us. All-Star Movies. I could not find any way in the online room request to specify that I want 2 full size beds and NOT a KING. Is it a possibility that I'll get a King bed since there are no children on the reservation? That would be a real downer if that happens. Me and the FIL get along great and sharing the room will not be a problem, but I want my own bed!

Call WDW Reservations and have the "two Double beds" request put on your reservation.

Kings seem to be few and far between at values, I've always seen a request to get one. You should be ok, but I'd definitely call in that 10 day out window to make sure the resort knows.