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Our family will be staying at the Swan in February through a Costco Travel deal. The tickets are will call only. We arrive in Orlando fairly late in the evening on Wednesday (probably at the hotel after 10pm). We are looking to get to HS very early in the morning on Thursday. Does the Swan have availability to get the will call tickets? If not, are we able to get the will call tickets early in the morning (prior to park opening)? Do they have “self-serve” kiosks? Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Ive stayed at Swolphin twice using Costco’s travel pkg. Both times on the first day, we went to ep for am emh. The disney desk was staffed by 7:30am. My assumption would be that the desk can get your tickets with no issue. They are true wdw cm’s, with computers and printers and stuff.

As an aside, not sure if you have, or want magic bands. You can link those “will call” ticket numbers to mde, and your mb’s. No need for the hard tickets.

Seebee thank you for the response! I had misunderstood that and assumed we still. Ended the hard copy tickets for that first trip inside. We just ordered our magic bands last night, so it sounds like we will be all set! Thanks again.

Costco will send you an email with your ticket numbers.
Mde will allow you to link the MB’s to your account or ticket numbers, I forgot how it works, but it doesn’t matter - it’s easy as pie. I think you link the mb’s to the members of your party, and then you link the tickets to the member - something like that. It’s easy, so you don’t have to quote me. Anyway, both times at Swolphin thru Costco, I never got a hard ticket. Didn’t need it. The Mb’s also triggered the “ok” for emh. Never needed a hard ticket for anything. I did however, stop at the Disney desk both times just to make sure that the Mb’s were properly set up. They scanned each one, and confirmed fastpasses and party tickets, etc.

I’m also doing a Costco Swan/Dolphin package this spring. I’ve already linked my tickets to my MDE account but we don’t have any MagicBands. Can you just use the app at the parks as a ticket, or is there something else I’d need to pick up (e.g. paper tickets)?

No idea if I am correct or not, but, my only assumption is that you’d need the hard ticket in hand. If nobody else can give a solid answer, your best bet would be to call the Wallyworld helpdesk.

You will need to pick up the tickets as WDW doesn’t have a way to let you use your phone to scan tickets at the taps for entry or FPP. Disneyland has this technology, but WDW does not.
You could always buy magic bands from shop Disney though, and link them. Then you won’t need to pick up any tickets and you get an easier way to scan with your spiffy magic band!

Yeah, I thought I’d read that there was a need to pick up some sort of card for tapping. Might as well drop another $15 (x4)… :upside_down_face:


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