Will annual passes ever be available to new subscribers again?

We recently moved to Florida and I was super excited to get our annual passes but all we can purchase is the Pixie Pass which is severely limited to weekdays and has many blackout times. My alternative question is should I buy the Pixie Pass and then upgrade to another level at renewal?


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at renewal you can choose which ever pass you want… I actually downgraded my DH’s at renewal.

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I think the first question is whether you could make the pixie pass work for you for 12 months.

Exactly. It’s a back-door option and not particularly good but it’s all we have at the moment

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I could never make a weekday-only pass work for us. We’re 90 minutes away and still work. We go on weekends 90% of the time.

But if you can make it work for a year, it’s a possibility that I hadn’t thought of before.