Will a pre-park opening breakfast at Hollywood and Vine help you obtain a boarding pass to Rise of Resistance

If Hollywood studios opens at 9 a.m. and you have a pre-park opening breakfast around 8 a.m. at Hollywood and Vine, do you think that will help you obtain a boarding pass for rise of resistance? Will it also help get you a jump into Toy Story Land before the spring break masses? Thank you for any wisdom you have in advance!

I dont think that would help to get a boarding pass because they let everyone tap in early anyway, I would be more worried that t would be a distraction.

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Boarding groups open for everyone at the same time as long as they have tapped into the park. Since the tapstiles open early anyway, getting a pre-opening breakfast will be of no help in getting a BG.

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As mentioned, with how RotR and Boarding Groups currently operate a PPO meal won’t help.

Based on how DHS is operating, today, PPO aren’t any better for TSL either because everyone is getting to the park 1 - 2 hours in advance and waiting to get in a BG. The majority of this crowd heads straight to the back of DHS to TSL / SWGE as soon as RD happens.

Will this change by Spring Break? No one really knows, especially with MMRR opening 3/4/20. The consensus is to wait until after the MLK weekend to see if DHS is still using BGs going forward when the last of the holiday crowds typically vanish.

They just switched the march emh to evening so that’s a decent indication, yeah?

Thank you for your help. I did not know that they are letting in other park visitors early before the park opens. You have a good point, it could make us feel like we are behind the sea of crowds trying to eat with Doc McStuffins in the way etc.

Thank you so much for the information! Thanks for sharing the thought that MLK weekend could be a point of change in procedure. It is hard to plan not knowing if Rise of Resistance will suddenly have a fast pass for it and I could miss the boat. I can see how the boarding process is nice if you get a boarding group as it serves as a sort of “set fast pass”. I will go ahead and cancel my pre park opening breakfast for Hollywood studios then.

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I saw that they did just change morning extra magic hours to evening in March at Hollywood Studios during my visit. In your opinion, is there a significance in that? Are they not wanting crowds to gather so early outside the gates? Do you think early morning magic at Toy Story land will resume?

There are people far better qualified than me to answer that, but I would think that am emh would present a real problem for bg as the process stands now so this would at least indicate to me in be direction of keeping them.


Also, we have a ppo h&v booked because there is usually a separate adr tapstile so we were hoping to wait less in the crazy crowds and then have a place to sit while getting BGs. Maybe that’s a bad idea?

Oh, I didn’t think of it that way. I can see how having a more calm entrance into the park would be a nice break from the rush of masses all waiting to get a boarding pass. I would be disappointed if we were delayed for that key rope drop riding though. It sounds like Hollywood and Vine is a buffet, so that should be faster than waiter/waitress placing an order I am assuming.
Right now I have a 8:25 a.m. reservation. Do you think they would let us start eating at 8 a.m.? I know at Be our Guest Restaurant in MK they let us eat at 8 a.m. with an 8:20 a.m. reservation.

I’m just wondering if it’s worth the money, though. Especially since we wont have my 18m old with us that day, just the 6 year old

They should. The breakfast buffet, PPO, restaurants seat on a first come / first served basis. They are trying to get as many people in / out the door as fast as possible since they don’t have to take individual orders. You time is more of a “window” than strict reservation in this case.

Tim Tracker posted a YouTube video last Saturday of his experience getting in a boarding group.
While I thought I understood the process from just reading on the forum, his video was very insightful. For one - I could not believe the sheer amount of people waiting at the taps at 6:00AM. Very intimidating! And I’m going to be disappointed if I have to wade through those masses and still not get a boarding group.He offered some tips like checking your Internet connectivity speed in several locations, and several different ways to refresh the app when trying to get BG. When I showed hubby the video and how big the crowd was he said “Are you going to ride it?” I had to explain yeah maybe - if I’m lucky enough to get a BG. He was so confused. LOL! And the rest of the park was mad busy as folks waiting for their BG to be called. SDD was 120 minutes.

We got into AK at 7:45am for an 8:20 reservation at Tusker House and we were the first to check-in at the restaurant. They seated us first, right at 8:00, and we’d seen all of the characters and were done eating by 8:20.

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Thanks for this information. Good to know it is first come/first serve.

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True, I should add up the cost as my family has 6 total traveling together. Probably would be cheaper to stay at club level and buy the upgraded fast passes then all my pre-park breakfasts. etc. :slight_smile: Probably not, but I can dream of having 6 fast passes per day can’t I?

Thank you for sharing! What a sight! All the rides had such long waits so early in the morning too!