Will a bus from Pop be early enough for a FOP rope drop on EMH morning?

 We are going to AK on a day when EMH starts at 8 and would like to rope drop FOP.  We will be staying at Pop.  I know we need to be there at least an hour early in order to be at the front of the pack.  My question is:  will there be a bus leaving from Pop that will get us there that early?  

It will be just me and Mr. Hubs enjoying our first trip since 2011. I had a lot to catch up on (I’m the planner in the family) and this forum has been so very helpful!

I can’t remember how early the buses start running but wanted to welcome you to the forum!

I’ve taken a bus for a rope drop at AK on an EMH morning a few times. First bus picking up from Poly and Art of Animation came right around 1 hour 20 minutes before the opening, dropping off at AK with plenty of time to spare and maybe 15 people from the very front. I love rope dropping FOP and knocking out all the rides in AK within the first 2 hours.

Thank you!

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I don’t know why my question looked so wonky (long time lurker making first post) but I’m so glad you were able to decipher it. You just made my day! Thank you!

if you ask at reception, they will probably tell you buses start at 7am. But been on the 6:30 bus before… so there is an earlier one. That first bus should get you there on time


No problem. Just be prepared for that fast, semi-aggresive walk from the bridge to Pandora. It always gives me anxiety, feeling like I’m going to be trampled by the impatient folk around me. Worth it in the end when you’re getting on the ride 5-10 mintues before EMH officially starts.