Wilderness transport advice pls?

Hi guys, any chance of some advice on the best way to do the following please:

Will be at Magic Kingdom, then want to catch the boat to Fort Wilderness where my partner is horse riding. We then need to get to Wilderness lodge for dinner and then back to Caribbean Resort where we are staying…what’s the best way to do that?

Any sensible suggestions welcomed!

Thanks in advance


Have you considered Lyft or Uber? Yeah, it’s gonna cost $10 or so. However, the ease of travel and speed make it superior to any Disney public transport.

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Another site I use, WDW Prep School, has a transportation wizard - you enter where you start and end and it gives you the transportation options.

There is a boat from Ft Wilderness to Wilderness Lodge. There were walking paths too but those may be impacted by the Reflections Resort construction.

As for getting back to CBR, I’d take a Lyft from WL. You’d have to take a bus to a park or Disney Springs (or a boat to MK) and then take another bus to CBR. A Lyft will cost about $12 + tip and take roughly 15 minutes once it arrives (and they’re all over WDW so it’s just timing. If you request one as a park closes, you’ll wait longer).


And all of this - the problem with using Lyft or Uber at Disney is that it ruins you for the buses. Luckily they’re fairly cheap so I find them to be a worthwhile splurge. Time is money!

I gave up on the buses about 20 years ago. Maybe they’ve gotten better with time. I hated waiting just to watch a full bus skip my stop or fill while I’m like 3 people from the front of the boarding queue!

Until this year I would always get a rental car. Now that parking isn’t free for hotel guests I just take the DME to the hotel and Lyft to the parks. It’s as convenient as a rental and half the price.


Boat from FW to WL. The walking path is closed and will be until the new resort is complete.

Then you have 2 choices really, kinda three.

1a) Boat to MK, then bus back to CBR.

1b) Bus to MK, then bus to CBR.

  1. Uber or Minnie Van direct back to CBR.
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We don’t mind the buses at WDW. We’re usually vacationing with relatives we don’t live near. We live miles from anywhere, so we’re programmed to allow an hour travel time. As if that weren’t enough, we’re those annoying folks on the bus or boat that insist on striking up a conversation.

We’d take a boat from Magic Kingdom to the Campground. There I think you walk past Pioneer Hall to the internal bus stop where you’ll grab a bus to the Outpost. If memory serves, the stables are near the bus stop. This could take a bit less than 30 or more than 45 minutes.

The meal at Wilderness Lodge requires either back tracking on the internal bus to the marina and staying on the boat until you arrive at WL. Or you could enquire about walking to WL. I hear that is a nice 30 min stroll. I’ve not done this yet.

We had occasion on our last trip to go to Caribbean Beach Resort from another Disney resort after dark. We looked at the bus app and saw 3 buses heading twd the resort we were at from Disney Springs and two from parks. We had fun tracking those buses; the one originally scheduled last to arrive pulled up first to the bus stop and we were on our first leg “home”. I have no recollection of the park we switched buses. We still talk about that silly bus thing.

NB: it was raining, near park closing and no Uber/Lyft availability.

We’d probably do that again but then we have a bunch of silly bus stories we like to bore folks with.

You can’t walk from FW to WL any more. Not until the new resort between them, Reflections, is finished construction.

I won’t have to feel guilty about once again not getting that off the WDW bucket list!

Guys thank you all so much for the feedback, really is appreciated.
Shame the walk between resorts is closed as that would have been nice, think I’ll try to take the Boat from FW to WL and then go for a Lyft after dinner to CBR.

Thanks again guys you’re amazing.