Wilderness pools

During our trip next week, we have a looonng day planned at MK 8am-2am. Will want a midday break, but thinking outside the box for a swimming option that is better than bussing back to Pop (our resort for the week).

Here’s my thought…
Book and pay for a 1 night FW campsite that day, so that we can leave MK and swim at the nice pool at WL.

First big question is - if staying at FW campsites, do you have access to the main pool at WL?
Second minor question is - do you have to physically go to FW to “check in” and is it strange if you don’t have a vehicle to put on the site?

My understanding is that you would have access to the fort wilderness pool (for the campsites and cabins). Wilderness lodge is a separate resort so you would not have access to their pools. Others may chime in if I am wrong.


Fort Wilderness has its own pools. Wilderness Lodge is a separate resort and you wouldn’t be able to use the pool there. I would just take the bus back to Pop so you could really rest during the day.

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Was only asking here since the “chat” person on the WDW site said that you could use the WL pool. I know they can often be wrong.

Could have even been a robot answering me?

Either way, was just looking for anyone with personal experience trying or doing this.

No, you can’t use the WL pools with a campsite reservation.

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Can’t say who (or what!) was answering you. But o can say that CMs on the phone and online often give bad info. Liners tend to be far more informed.

FW has its own pools and WL pools are not those pools. Sorry :confused:


Can you have two reservations at the same time? Would you just use the magic band they send you for hotel 2?

All magic bands works with all hotel reservations linked to that guest’s account.

Hotel 1 is Pop and hotel 2 is FW in the OP’s question. The OP wants to use the WL pool via their FW reservation. The OP would not have a WL hotel reservation.

FW and WL are completely separate resorts.

WL has a spa. I creeped back on your most recent trip report to see that you have older girls. Maybe pedicures while you go hang out at Geyser Point? No idea about quality of services or availability one week out but would be a different way to relax than trying to squeeze pool time in an already long day.


But they would have Pop and FW at the same time. FW would send him a magic band in the mail as well. Was wondering if you can have two hotels at once

I am not sure if Disney’s system allows you to be checked in to 2 hotels at once. If they do, they should allow you to use the amenities at both.

I had 2 onsite reservations for the same date, but that was well in advance of my check-in date.

You assume that I’d rather sit outside in a scenic setting with an adult beverage, than get a pedicure myself? Maybe Dad wants to be pampered too?
Well, you assume correctly - Geyser Point is definitely on the to-do list again.

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Technically you are not supposed to have two reservations with the same lead guy but sometimes the system allows it. A better optuwould be to have two reservations with a different lead guest to try and fly under the radar. The risk is that with the same lead guest you run the risk of one or both of the reservations being cancelled in a system upgrade