Wilderness Lodge Villas

Tell me about the villas at Wilderness Lodge?? We are currently at Port Orleans Riverside and considering changing. Benefits? What is Transportation like? The layout of the rooms?? The resort itself?? Details and opinions please!!

I stayed in a regular room - not a villa but I can help with the resort. The resort is much smaller than POR. The rooms have balconies/patios and interior hallways. Both resorts are very beautiful. You can take a boat to MK from WL.

I am interested in recent experiences with transportation at Wilderness Lodge so I am bumping this thread.

My family will be staying at the Boulder Ridge Villas at WL in May 2019. We picked it because we love the resort’s atmosphere (visited it during a June 2017 trip). We like the rooms and the restaurants.We have taken the boat launch between Contemporary-WL-Fort Wilderness on multiple occasions and enjoy it. However, the Unofficial Guide goes on about how bad the bus transportation is and has many reader complaints about transport.

Has any had recent experiences with buses and boats? There was one comment in the Guide about boats being over crowded and slow and several about how awful bus transport to non-boat parks was.

Bus transport was the Achilles heel of our June 2017 trip. We stayed at AoA and their buses are supposed to be great. Granted they were fine for getting to the theme parks in the morning, but getting back at any time of day was a pain. There were 45 minute waits at the bus stop (theme park -> resort) not because there was a line, but because there were no buses for AoA.

We will probably have a car with us as we are planning on at least 1 water park visit and dining at other resorts so we can drive to theme parks if needed.

I will be returning there in February and I am sure I will post after that trip. I am surprised by the boat comments. The boat to MK is one of my favorite ways to travel to MK and I have stayed at WL during peak times.

I think the issue with the bus is that it will share with another deluxe resort. This is the case of all the deluxe resorts except AKL.

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Thanks! I was prepared for the efficiencies of shared bus transport, but was looking forward to the boat transport to MK and between the CR/FW (we always visit FW). We can always take the resort launch to CR and walk to MK as well.

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