Wilderness Lodge Villas construction noise

Can anyone who has been at WLV recently give me an idea of what the construction is like right now? If we’re hanging out in our studio between check-in and dinnertime, is the construction noise going to be terrible?

We stayed at the VWL from 3/23-3/25 in Room 2553 which faces Bay Lake. We could see all kinds of construction going on out there (large equipment trucks) but I don’t recall any noise when we were inside the room with the door closed. Of course we didn’t spend a lot of time in the room during the day. We did see a lot of evidence of the construction throughout the resort - the area where the rocking chairs are placed in front of the villas was roped off. The Mickey Topiary wasn’t in its usual spot but hopefully it will return. They placed a screen around the lower areas to mask the view of the construction from the rooms that would face that way. We watched some workers painting the exterior of the WL in a number of areas. Despite all of that it didn’t take away from our stay there - we split our stay with the BCV and actually preferred the VWL. Also we received a set of 3 Disney construction pins saying Pardon Our Pixie Dust. They were waiting for us on the table when we arrived at the VWL. I thought that was a nice gesture.


Great info! Thanks for your experience!