Wilderness Lodge Villas - best one bedroom

I went to the site to help narrow down a room at the Villas but nothing is showing up, even if I don’t make any choices? Is the site not working?

I haven’t checked but I would say yes as a default answer. I’ve been having troubles, off and on, with the planning website for about two weeks. I’ve been pricing resorts, comparing to Wilderness Lodge and multiple times a day the site just says “Nope, I’m done for now”.

Deleting cookies on your browser can help. Give that a shot and see what happens.

Sorry, I’m not quite sure what you are trying to do here. What site are you talking about?

General room selection advice for VWL is to ask for an odd-numbered room on as high a floor as possible, as they have the better views.

I was trying to use the Room Finder part of Touring Plans.

OK, I think that what you need to do is go to http://touringplans.com/hotel_maps/disneys-wilderness-lodge-villas, enter your criteria, click on “Show Matching Rooms”, and then click on the “DVC Villas” portion of the map (which should be highlighted pink). You will then get a floor plan with matching rooms highlighted pink, and you can switch from floor to floor using a drop-down in the upper right.