Wilderness Lodge Villa room selection

We have a wilderness lodge 1 bedroom booked for the second half of our split stay. Does anyone have any advice on a specific room to request? I’m thinking we want a room facing the southwest so we are not overlooking the construction, but not sure if some 1 bedrooms are better than others. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

If it was me, I would request “near elevators, facing away from construction” in my room text. The elevators are quiet and recessed so even being very close is still not disruptive. We had a great room on the 2nd or 3rd floor overlooking the woods last trip and it was awesome. The rooms at the end of the building are a fair walk.
Oooh… I LOVE WL Villas, even better than WL. So peaceful and relaxing and the fireplaces are awesome. I think my favourite!

Thank you for the insight. Very helpful!