Wilderness Lodge too remote?

What time?

I’m ballparking, this was a year ago… approx. 7:50am I think?

Our all time favorite WDW stay was at the WL.

It does feel so remote, but really is not. We just stayed at the CR in January and it was as easy getting around from the WL as the CR.

The ease of riding the ferry to the MK was great.

We never had any problem, in a week’s stay we went almost everyday to the MK, and only one time was there much of a wait (long line, got on the next ferry), we always were able to get to MK well before RD.

One time in the evening while going to MK, my wife, 10 yr old daughter and I were the only passengers on the ferry. My daughter had just been to the Bippty Bop Boutique and was in full Cinderella regalia. The ferry captain treated her like royalty, pulled out a special box that was full of costume jewelry rings and let her select the ring of her choice. Then as we were heading to the MK dock, we passed the Electric Water Pageant. The ferry had to stop and let it pass by, so we got a front row seat as it passed by around 25 feet away.

I’ve gotta say, WL is our favorite resort, and in no way is it “too remote.” The bus service there is good, and while Poly probably would have a slight edge on maybe a quicker boat ride and an additional option of a monorail, the WL’s lower price tag and quiet, more isolated atmosphere make it a winner for our family. We’ve never had a poor experience with transportation to or from the resort when we’ve been there.

My camera roll tells me this is 7:11am

Private boat ride!


That was what disturbed me so much about our experience, and the response from the CM. Because yes, there are days when the boat is there at 7:11am. It may be counterintuitive, but that’s not a good thing. That means that there’s the potential for wild fluctuation.

The breakfast boat, like the breakfast bus, is not recognized or advertised.

What I would love to know is: if there was indeed a “breakfast boat” that morning, 30 minutes before we got to the dock, did it go out of service after one cycle, only to come back on at 8:30am?