Wilderness Lodge to MK: Where does bag check happen and

Multipart Question:
Do you go through bag check before boarding the boat at Wilderness Lodge or at MK? I think the answer is at MK but I can’t seem to confirm this.

So…is there any advantage to just taking the Wilderness Lodge boat to The Contemporary instead and then doing bag check to get on the monorail or just going to that short line at the walking path? Trying to figure out the quickest way into MK at park opening when the bag check lines are LONG.

Also open to other suggestions. Thanks!

If memory serves…

So the bag check is at MK not at WL, but it is close to where your ferry arrives just for people coming off your ferry. I don’t think there would be an advantage to going to CR.


This ^^^^

The bag check is only for the boats, the buses have their own, so does the walking path. The longest by far will be the bus one.


In February, even when ferries from WL and FW arrived at the same time security did not get backed up. It was great!