Wilderness lodge standard rooms

Hello folks you did great the last time I asked for help and now have a my dinning plans all booked up including one at be our guest! Thank you who contributed

This one is about the wilderness lodge standard rooms. We were going to follow guidance from the touring plan book and to email the hotel prior to our holiday, but don’t know what to politely request? Or if a specific standard room or area is preferred? We are two mature adults who like a bit of quiet?

hope you can help us again

If you like quiet, avoid a room on the lobby. Since the lobby is huge and open, that includes many rooms on all floors. Ask for one down one of the wings… maybe on the wing that ends closest to the docks?

Have you entered you trip in the dashboard on the main touring plans page? If so you can click on your hotel, which will bring you to a map of the resort, and you can pick the type of room, noise level, etc. Then you can have touring plans fax your request for you. Here’s the link to the thread that explains all about it.

Looking at the map, there are 67 standard rooms that have a quiet noise level.Here’s a link to the TP page so you can see what it looks like. You can pick the floor and it will show you what rooms meet your criteria.

Hope this helps. If you go to the first link there’s lots of info there on how to do it – It’s a great service they just instituted, and seems to be pretty successful for most people.

We were in a standard room on the 6th floor overlooking the lobby. We were far enough up that we didn’t hear much noise.

We were in room 6050… Turned out to be a great view and I can only assume you could see wishes at night (we were at mnsshp :)) it was an easy walk to elevators in the back and very quiet… Here was our view! Hope it helps!

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Do any of the standard rooms even on higher levels not look over the loading bay, may be we should upgrade?

Not sure but that little house in the parking lot was the smoke house… Yum! Haha!! I would say if we stayed longer and spent time on the patio, I would have loved a pool or lake view… But then I prob wouldn’t see wishes… It’s a toss up I guess! Good luck… We loved WL and will be returning in oct!

Thank you folks that’s been really helpful. Is it right that touring plans will fax our request for us?

Yes, that’s right, they will fax if you set it up.