Wilderness lodge standard room?

It’s our first time at the Wilderness lodge and we’re looking for a recommendation for a Standard 2 queens room. We’ve heard that the 6th floor around 6050 is good. Any ideas welcome! Thanks!

6024 and 6026 are fantastic. We could see wishes from the balcony. And we like being on the wing above roaring forks and the boat launch.

My pictures from those rooms should be on the room finder. Also at the time they were considered woods view but I’ve noticed that WL only has standard or pool views listed right now, I’m guessing bc of construction.


Both of those rooms are not standard view rooms they are the extra charge per night woods view. The only standard rooms I’ve found look Over that service area

I know they were that way but recently with construction, because most of the former woods views face construction, they have taken out the woods category all together and just have standard and courtyard.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and get one of those then!