Wilderness lodge rumors and construction

Just got finished with our week long stay at wilderness lodge (may 2-10 2017). Here are a few updates:

-Very unlikely you will get your requested room.

  • In the middle of the day, they are conducting fire alarm tests. This is extremely loud, so I would suggest being out of your room from 12-4 PM.
  • Geyser point is open and their cheddar burger is phenomenal, along with the waffle fries. The bison burger is good, but dry (as it is bison).
  • roaring fork is still closed so you can either get coffee, bagels, and pastries at territory lounge or walk down to geyser point for quick service breakfast. Do not feed the birds.
  • If you have a wheelchair or strollers, there is only one exit to get to the pool, docks, and geyser point. It is at the very end of the building.
  • they are still building a “reunion room” at geyser point that may be for children, but they could still change their mind on it’s purpose.
  • No boat rentals and limited bike rentals are available. No fishing from what I could tell.


  • Eventually all the rooms will be either getting remodels OR converted into DVC, making the entire resort DVC. More than likely, it will be the room conversions rather than remodels. That being said, there is a possibility of an expansion for regular rooms.
  • the villas on the shore are almost finished.

Not staying there but staying at Fort Wilderness in June. I would love to take my husband over to see the lodge. I haven’t seen it myself since I was a little kid. Even with the construction, is it worth going to have a look around?

Oh of course! I would highly suggest eating at geyser point while there. It is quick service, but you are served like table service. The resort is still great. And if yo u are lucky, you night find some construction pins on the pin board (if you are staying at the resort, you get some construction pins for free).


Thanks for the update. We will be there in Sept. It is our favorite resort and the only one my husband wants to pay for. I sure hope the rumors aren’t true for becoming an all DVC resort. That would make us all so sad.

We are staying in December, I cannot wait. I’m hoping by then all the construction will be done but it’s not a big deal to me if it’s not