Wilderness Lodge Room Selection Question

If I book the fireworks view the first night at the expensive rate and then move to the less expensive nature view the rest of our trip, what do you think the odds are that they would leave us in the first room for the entire stay?

They probably would make you check out completely before assigning you your room. So I wouldn’t bank on it by any means.

That said, I once stayed in a standard room and was pixie-dusted to a fireworks view, or perhaps it was considered a partial / obstructed view, but it was perfect.

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Do you happen to know if Disney Travel Agents get any better room selection than I would by booking myself?

We don’t. We put in requests just like you do. Our benefit is from the knowledge and expertise we have, not special access.

I had an excellent fireworks view from a standard room last trip. I’d check the TP room finder for a room that meets your lowest category and request it.