Wilderness Lodge Room Categories

I’m seeing Standard, Nature, Nature Fireworks View, and Courtyard for WL room categories. The room finder does not list Nature Fireworks View as an option. Which rooms are specifically designated Nature Fireworks View? I know that some Standard and Nature View rooms have had a limited view of the MK fireworks but now that there are some rooms that are specifically “fireworks view”, I’m not sure which room to request. I don’t want to request a room that is outside of my room category.

Also, has anyone stayed in a WL Courtyard View room and had issues with noise from the pool?

@len, Wilderness Lodge added a new booking category? Is there any way to identify these rooms using the room finder?

We’ve stayed Courtyard View every time. We specify “Inner Courtyard” (and have gotten that each time), and have never had a problem with noise. We’ve never stayed outer courtyard (or bear face room), so can’t speak to pool noise level. Please note that inner and outer courtyard are not formal room categories, but if you look at a diagram of the hotel, it’s obvious which is which.

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This is a new booking category. When WL was first built the Nature View upper floor rooms along the wing on the same side as WCC (not sure what direction that is on the compass) had a view of the MK fireworks. As the years passed and the landscaping grew in (i.e. the trees grew taller), this view became largely obstructed. When the new villas were built, Disney had to cut down many a tree. A shame, but the silver lining was the fireworks were back in play. When we went in June 2018, we could watch from a corridor window, but WL hadn’t monetized it yet with a new room category. By late 2018 (I think), they rectified this oversight.

I don’t know about identifying these rooms on room finder. I identified in the above wall of text generally where these rooms are, however I’d imagine some rooms on that side have better views than others.

We’re working on it. (We’re re-doing Grand Floridian now, then AKL, then WL.)

My guess is that these are even-numbered, northwest-facing rooms in the main building, probably floors 5 and up: X006 through X066.