Wilderness lodge no availability

Does anyone know why no matter what dates I use to book a room at wilderness lodge it is always unavailable? I have tried dates different dates in Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec.

The first date I checked in October there was no availability but I changed it to start on a Sunday and got one room:

I am wondering if they have removed some rooms because they were in the middle of room renovations?

I had the same experience. I wondered the same.

They are saving them for the NBA players ???

Just thought I would toss another speculation into the grinder


Maybe just limiting the number of rooms booked to allow for social distancing. And since WL includes 2 DVC resorts, which will be pretty much fully booked, that will limit the number of non-DVC rooms they want to fill. So maybe they’re just not accepting any more bookings for now.


I wonder if BWI or Poly would be the same or are the percentage of WL DVC rooms larger than the other two?

I would guess BW is split half and half.

Poly has 3 DVC long houses and I believe more non-DVC.

Whilst WL already had the original villa block, and then converted one wing of hotel rooms to DVC.

Without looking into actual numbers, I think the proportion of DVC rooms at WL now is at least approaching half, if not more.

Maybe I should look it up though instead of guessing. :grin:

So Touring Plans itself has the breakdown! :joy:

Of course when they count DVC rooms, it doesn’t give the breakdown.

Poly is easy, DVC is all studios bar the bungalows which I’m going to assume is kinda equal to suites, so
Regular: 847
DVC: 380

Wilderness Lodge
Regular: 430
CCV: 220. (I think there are something like 16 cabins)
BRV: 136

Regular: 378
DVC: 532. ( wow, that’s way more than I thought)

Beach Club
Regular: 583
DVC: 282

Grand Floridian
Regular: 867
DVC: 147 (less than I thought)

AKL - for some reason TP doesn’t show the # of villas at Jambo, so the regular number probably includes them
Regular: 972
Kidani (DVC): 458


I checked BW for a random November week and every room was available.

Cheaper too?

For Caribbean Beach only Pirate rooms are available for the dates I want in Sept. Why?

That may be due to people rescheduling. Was September included in the original free dining offer for rebooking?

Also I think I read CSR (Coronado) is now pretty much blocked out for the potential NBA deal. Which would drive people to CBR (Caribbean).

Edited to clarify!

I know that poster on another board said the NBA would stay at CBR but I find that hard to believe. The rooms have not been renovated for a few years? There is no fitness center? The Riviera is right next door (and most rooms are not in DVC inventory right now).

When the players were at the last Olympics didn’t they have their own luxury cruise ship? CBR just doesn’t seem to be their style?

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I thought it was CSR? With Gran Destino.

No, he said CBR but CSR would make sense. It actually has the amenities they would insist on.

Found it!

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Well I wouldn’t trust that source unless backed up by someone else. Consensus seems to be he does have some / a contact and decent info, but doesn’t always verify the information.

CSR to me seems more likely too.

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We are now on our third booking this year for our family’s first trip together to WDW. I have been able to book the Wilderness Lodge each time. First two trips were starting on March 31st and May 5th. We are now booked in two rooms at the Wilderness Lodge starting September 12th. Maybe ask a travel agent?

I found it frustrating that I couldn’t book two rooms at one time because I was worried I wouldn’t get the second one but didn’t have an issue in the end.

Agents see the same availability on the agent site that clients see on the main site. The exception would be an agency like MVT which buys bulk rooms and resells them.

Just keep checking. We got standard view for a week in October . We originally had beach club but looked everyday and finally WL came open

I don’t think they would choose any hotel that has a DVC section. If they open the hotels, then they have to make DVC properties available for legal reasons. There’s no way they’re going to house the NBA in a resort where they would mingle with regular folks since the whole point of the NBA finishing their season in a “bubble” would be eliminated by that. My money is on CSR.

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I only listened for a few minutes today but I was watching the TP YouTube video earlier today with Brian and Guy regarding the NBA. Brian pointed out that the NBA collective bargaining agreement insists on deluxe accommodations.i think CSR is out?

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