Wilderness Lodge for breakfast

We are staying at Pop Century this year but like to have meals at other resorts.
Considering have breakfast at the Whispering Canyon at the Wilderness Lodge.
We are renting a car so we would drive to the resort.
Would we be able to take the boat to the MK after breakfast or do they require proof that you are staying at the Wilderness Lodge?

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

You can take any of the boats/monorails/buses to/from the resorts parks as you wish, not required that you stay at that resort! :slight_smile:
And side note, we LOVE Whispering Canyon Cafe and WL! Enjoy!


Parking at a resort and then going to a park is always a “can you should you” issue - unless you valet park at the resort. One possibility is to park for MK and then take the boat to and from breakfast. You could also take the bus to MK and then take the boat to WL (it’s a short walk from the bus stop to the boat launch).

Yes, this! Love that place :smiley: