Wilderness Lodge construction?

We will be staying at Wilderness Lodge for a week starting Sept 5th. I read that there is a major construction project planned to expand the Villas to start “soon.” We will be getting a courtyard room. Has anyone heard more about the construction, including poss start date? Thanks for any info you can pass on!

I honestly think you’ll be fine. I’d request an “inner” courtyard view through the TP room request fax function (rooms with courtyard view closer to lobby, away from pool). The work on the villas pool and whatever else they’re doing will be clear on the other side of the hotel. For what it’s worth, this is the current info on Disney’s hotel request page:

"Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is currently undergoing a transformation! You may see or hear work in progress while we create new magic—including enhancements to Hidden Springs Pool, which will be closed from October 26, 2015 through 2017. Certain pathways and other areas will also be closed during construction, beginning in early October 2015."

I called Guest Relations and was told that on October 2nd they will begin to put up the construction fencingl. From 10/2 to 10/25 will be all prep work (closing trails, playground, etc. ) for the upcoming construction that will beging on 10/26. We check out on 10/2.

Thank you so much for the updates. Sounds like we’ll just miss all the hubbub!

We are checking in on Nov. 8 and I am trying to decide on what room to request for our courtyard/bunk bed reservation? Has anyone stayed at the Wilderness Lodge recently that can help decide where would be best to avoid the construction?

We were there in May, in an inner courtyard w/ bunk beds room (room # 4051). The “Big” construction hadn’t started yet, but there was a lot of scaffolding about. Based on where I understand the construction to be, I would love to get that room back.