Wilderness Lodge Construction Fall 2016

We will by staying at Wilderness in November. I am getting worried about the construction going on. Can anyone tell me how bad it is and how much we will be affected by it?

Here’s a recent blog post that might help.


We are staying there at the end of
November. We were already aware of the construction but I’m not worried. It’s only really affecting certain areas…the hidden springs
Pool (but main pool is open/unaffected) and the beach/playground area are closed too I believe, as is the nature walking trail.
They had already begun this on our last stay and I have to say we barely noticed. Plus they left a free set of “under construction” trading pins in all the rooms! We really wouldn’t have noticed if we hadn’t been told. They were really good about not starting too early or working too late. Your room type may also determine how close/far you are from the work being done. Do you know what type you have booked?
Also, maybe someone has some insight on what rooms to request to be further away from the construction areas?

We stayed there in Sept. It was wonderful. The hotel was at half capacity, the entire south side is blocked off. But it is camouflaged so well you can’t tell unless you are really looking. The pool was not crowded, dining was not crowded, buses were not crowded. It was very quiet and pleasant. All the Cast Members were well staffed and eager to be of assistance. We heard no construction at all, and again only noticed it if we were snooping around looking for it. It was our best visit we have had at Disney!

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Yes! I was going to mention this as well…the fact that they have a section blocked off makes for an even quieter/less crowded environment. We already love the ambiance at WL but this makes it even better.

Thanks y’all. I feel a lot better about it now!

We check in on Nov. 28 and I can’t wait, it’s our fav!! When are you going?