Wilderness Lodge availability

I am a BWV and CC owner. I actually added BWV because I was blocked from CC for so many months of the year. A garden view studio should be available at 11 months at BWV. Last December BR was available at 11 months. CC takes a lot of work to find dates. There is limited availability. @lauraswi, is a two bedroom a possibility at CC?

A two bedroom would be great for us but only if I got it for a lot less than David’s price as I don’t think it would be affordable for us. It seems less expensive to get two studios.

Less expensive but I would be shocked if there was availability. Will you have a second choice?

Well I was thinking about the poly but it’s more expensive and I’m worried I won’t like it as much. We have little ones so I think MK will be where we will mostly be. But I might consider beach club. I’m really hoping for CC. I don’t know how to rent from an actual owner and it seems kind of risky. Do you know if there is a better chance with dvc.com or David’s? If one would be better than the other? I rented from David’s for this coming feb at the boardwalk but I was on a waiting list in the beginning. I am kind of afraid to put poly as second choice because maybe I won’t get a real chance for CC. I don’t know if that’s how it goes though haha.

Any rental agency will need an owner with the points and availability. It is the availability that I am afraid will be an issue.

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As @PrincipalTinker says, availability is the key issue here. Renting direct from owner can save you money, but it won’t help you if the rooms simply aren’t available. This blog post has some tips on renting direct if you are thinking about it:

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