Wilderness Lodge availability

Is it always this difficult to get availability at WL? I’m wanting to book for Oct 2020 but there hasn’t been any availability online for my dates (or even anything either side) for weeks :weary:. Is my only option to book elsewhere and then check for last minute or availability at 45 days out? I have my heart set on Halloween at WL.

Have yo considered going through David’s Vacation club? We did that for our upcoming Thanksgiving trip and got it the first day we could with no problem. Also, a lot cheaper.


Oooooh, never heard of it. I was going to check deals with Magical Vacations nearer the time but I will need to book flights at around 9 months out to get the best price so won’t have flexibility with dates. I’ll check it out though, thanks! :+1:t2:

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You need to put the booking in around 12 months before. At 11 months before is when they can confirm your room, but not before.

Ours 8 night trip over Thanksgiving comes out to around $2200 for the trip, whereas going through Disney would have made it around 3500-4000.

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If you do this, can you still enjoy packages like free dining if it’s offered during your stay period?

It was offered for us during our stay, but it is not available to DVC members, so it is not available to me. I’m not a DVC member, but am being treated as such because I am renting points. The price difference makes up for it though.

It certainly does! With the money you saved, eating wherever wouldn’t be an issue. So you recommend booking through David’s vacation club about a year out? Do you have to pay everything up front? Thanks for the advice. I’m a lurker (here and at David’s) so nice to get insight from someone who has used the site with great success.


I am seeing plenty of availability in October 2020 at WL. What sort of reservation are you looking for (dates, number of people, room type, etc.)?

Oh really? The only availability I see is club level. Looking at 8-11 nights in the last week and a half of October 2020.

1 adult and 1 child. Standard, water or courtyard view.

I wonder if you’re looking for a room under a particular offer which isn’t available then, like free dining?

Try clearing your cookies and searching again.

Nope. Nothing like that. I suspect it’s because I’m in the UK and so automatically directed to the .co.uk version of the Disney World site. Annoying. Can anyone tell me what the room-only cost is for 11 nights in a standard room at WL from 21 October 2020? I’m weighing up POFQ v WL. TIA.

Can you book online for a date that is over a year from now? You may have to call to make a reservation this early.

Yep. The dates on the UK version go up to the end of December 2020.

You pay a deposit at the time of reservation. It’s around $120. Then, when the day comes and you get your reservation, you pay the difference in cost. You have 24 hours to do that. Very easy.

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You can change to the US site.

Up at the top, on the right hand side by the search field, there’s a little blue globe and next to it says U.K. and Ireland (English).

Click on the globe and you get a pop up menu. Select United Stares (English). You can then get quotes in dollars. I think you can book too. You couldn’t a while ago, but it changed sometime in the last few months.


Awesome! That worked, thank you. :raised_hands:t2:

Hi I am going to try through David’s for WL for nov 2020. Have you ever stayed at copper creek ? Hoping to get two studios there. Any advice on the studios there and room choices?

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Getting studios at Copper Creek is going to be hard from October through to January. Boulder Ridge (the original villas) might be easier.

Calling @PrincipalTinker for advice here.

I have not. I put down 4 locations in order kf preference. I am not sure if I out BR or CC 3rd or 4th but put Boardwalk and AKL as 1st and 2nd. The 2 WL resorts were my 3rd and 4th choices. On the 11th month mark, I got an email saying my resort was WL Boulder Ridge.

We head out in 25 days! We are excited. This is my first trip to use David’s.