Wilderness Explorers today vs. 2014?

My family visited WDW in October of 2014. One of the things my kids really enjoyed was doing Wilderness Explorers. We finished 10 of the 31 badges during our day.

We are returning this October, and I discovered that we still have the original guidebooks from 2014. The kids would like to earn the remaining badges, and I’m trying to make that happen.

My question is this: Since the tasks to complete are so specific, will we have a problem continuing our quest with our previous guidebook? Does anyone know if anything has changed, like a badge name or task to do? Or can I just substitute Gorilla Falls wherever it says Pangani Forest, and be good to go?

Hi @capn_ed

A cast member at DAK told me that the badges and such are the same and you can continue with the old book

Enjoy exploring the wilderness!


Thanks for your help! This is hard information to find unless you’re in Orlando!